3 Points of Interest In Choosing Door Knockers

You’ve heard the saying ‘the devil is in the details’. This is never more true than in home design and  decorating. These sorts of details can be anything from paint colors, to materials (like wood, tile, manufactured products, green products, etc.). Another great way to accent your home is through things like drawer pulls, cabinet hardware or door knockers.

door knockerIn the case of the latter, we’ve come across Atlas Homewares, where you can find a wide variety of unique door knockers, switchplates, lightswitch covers and more. Once you’ve got your front door design chosen, you’ll want to choose a knocker that matches it both in design and function. This will yield a great welcoming presence to your home.


Here are some ideas provided by our friends at Atlas Homewares:

1.    ‘Old-school’ appearance. Manufacturers have focused in creating door knockers that resemble the ones used by various civilizations in old times. Basically, you can have a door knocker that appears to be from an ancient castle or tavern. The designs and styles are artistic and often take on a hand-forged appeal. Keep in mind that many items were made by the local artisan blacksmith of the village.

2.    Engrave it. Various companies that sell such decorative hardware can also engrave them for you. For example, you can have our name on a special spot on the door knocker and it will be permanently visible. This is an interesting feature and appreciated by many homeowners who have a more traditional sensibility. It can give your home a more classic or contemporary feel.

3.    Materials. In addition to the possibility of engraving, you can also choose from a wide range of materials available to you, such as cooper, pewter, brass, nickel and even bronze. The choice of material that will work best for your home is up to your home’s overall style and decor. So, make sure that you choose something that is durable and matches your door’s exterior design as well.

Also, the prices depend on the material chosen, style and complexity of the door knocker. Take your time and choose the style that will finish off the look of your entrance way. These knockers can be quite affordable and give your home such a polished look when chosen with insight and forethought.

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