3 Rubbermaid Closet Storage Products

Rubbermaid is a brand well known for it’s reliable storage products. From providing solid Tupperware to store last nights dinner to providing solid plastic storage bins to hold all those miscellaneous items in your shed, Rubbermaid makes some of the worlds best known storage products.

In this article, let’s look at some of their closet storage products that might just be the perfect solution for your closet challenges.  No matter your style or budget, these products can probably fit your needs.  Below are just a few of the ones I think many other people can benefit from as well. Let’s start with the Jumbo 20 Pocket Closet Shoe Organizer.

Jumbo 20 Pocket Closet Shoe Organizer

Product Features 20-pocket shoe vertical hanging shoe organizer For use behind doors or in the closet Easy to clean, stain resistant lining Neutral design for any home du00c3u00a9cor placement Sturdy design for years of use Amazon.com Product Description Smart storage solution for all of those extra shoes, this 20-pocket organizer keeps shoes in easy reach. An attractive fabric design provides a durable, nice looking way to store up to 20 pairs of shoes. Pockets on front and back optimize use of space. Great for mounting behind closet doors, the organizer is easy to clean and features stain-resistant lining. –Brian D. Olson Product Description Configurations, 20 Pocket, Canvas Shoe Storage Rack, Holds 20 Pairs Of Shoes, Made Of Canvas Material With Stain Resistant Lining, Hangs From Closet Rod, Shelf Or On The Back Of A Door, 28″W x 62″H.

What closet couldn’t use extra storage space for shoes? Actually – mine doesn’t. Because I have this great shoe organizer, that is! This 20 pocket shoe organizer hangs from the door, looks great, and just works for taking a messy pile of shoes and making them organized and easily accessible.

Wardrobe Closet Kits

Rubbermaid 3G5900WHT Configurations; Closet Kit WhiteRubbermaid 3G5900WHT Configurations; Closet Kit White Features:; Organize and customize your closet; Adjustable shelves and hanging rods; Durable and stylish; Accessory organizers install easily on any Configurations; system; No cutting needed; Fit any closet from 4′ to 8′; White finish
Here you can see the wire shelving system without clothes or shoes hanging. The design is simple, yet elegant. No fluff, just a lot of usable space.
Rubbermaid 3H8800WHT 3′ to 6′ Deluxe Closet Kit WhiteRubbermaid 3H8800WHT 3′ to 6′ Deluxe Closet Kit White Features:; Fully expandable closet organizer; Fast and easy to install with no cutting necessary; Organize your closet in the way that makes sense to you, by season, work and leisure, or his and her clothing; Telescoping rods and expanding shelves make it quick and easy to reconfigure your closet system at any time; Adjustable from 3′ to 6′; White, 73″ x 72″ x 12.85″

These wardrobe closets kits start at about $50 for a simple unit – not a bad price for essentially transforming your closet! These wire shelving kits are probably the cheapest way to go about organizing a closet from the ground up without spending much money. Rubbermaid closet kits, such as the three by five foot closet shelving kit, can easily be set up and organizing your clothes in an under an hour.

Wardrobe Shelf Kits
Need an extra shelf in your closet or laundry room? Rubbermaid’s wardrobe shelf kits will do the trick. Costing about $25, these wire shelves can be installed quickly without too much hassle, providing both an upper shelving area and a wired rack for hanging clothes.

Interested in finding out about other convenient storage products for the closet? These 3 products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rubbermaid closet storage products! Come back soon for more reviews and information on the best closet storage tools and accessories for organizing your life.

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