4 Reasons to Add a Rolling Library Ladder to Your Home

Rolling library ladders are a uniquely stylish and functional piece of hardware you can add to your home. You can use them in more than just a library though. Consider the high shelves in various rooms of your home or basement that could be served better with a library ladder.

Reach high shelves

Whether you live in a loft style home or just happen to have tall ceilings, taking advantage of high spaces is hard if your access is limited. Instead of using step ladders or anything you have to constantly pull out from your garage, you can just install a library ladder to reach all your high shelves and cabinets. Not only will it be easier to reach high spaces, but you can do it in style.

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Installing a rolling ladder, especially one in a sleek wood finish, adds character to your home. You can even find the right finish and accessories to make sure it fits into the design you’ve created.

Create a traditional library

If you already have a dedicated room in your home for books, create the ultimate library setting with a rolling ladder. Imagine a mahogany style room with unique rugs, comfy chairs, and a functional library ladder to access all your books. Even if you’re just a book collector without a library and you just need to fill up higher and higher shelves, investing in a rolling ladder is a nobrainer.

Safely reach whatever you need

Regular step ladders or stools are often unstable. We’ve all been in the situation where we take risks to reach something too high, wobbling on the stool or ladder. Library ladders have multiple points of safety reassurance. The ladder is hooked on a rail set up at the high point of your room. Once you hook on the ladder it won’t go anywhere except side to side. Of course, once you have your rolling library ladder in the right spot, you don’t want to risk any uncertain movements. When you choose to install a rolling ladder make sure it comes with rail end stops for securing your ladder in place. This makes using your ladder safe and easy.

Add a new twist to a room

As stated above, rolling library ladders can be used in a variety of spaces. You could install the ladder in your child’s bedroom for added fun and functionality. Use it forĀ bunk beds or other high spaces. As long as safety precautions are installed, you’re good to go. Consider installing a rolling ladder in your kitchen for optimal storage. We all have pots or non-perishables that we want to store but don’t need very frequently. By storing them far out of the way — but easily accessible by rolling ladder — you can make the most of your kitchen space without feeling cluttered.

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