A Neutral Color Scheme for a Bedroom

A bedroom needs to be restful and relaxing. A room full of bright colors demanding attention is not the most restful idea for most us (although it may be restful for you, in which case go ahead). The ideal color scheme for most bedrooms is therefore a neutral one which demands very little of us and soothes our spirits. Here is an idea for a bedroom that is both neutral in color and interesting in detail that you can copy for your home

bedding ensemble1. Walls

Prepare the walls so that they are in good condition and if necessary line them with plain lining paper before painting with an ivory or cream wall paint with a chalky finish. If you prefer to use wallpaper, choose one with a subtle self-colored pattern in cream.

2. Floor

Install a wall to wall honey beige carpet with a velvety soft texture to give a soft neutral base for your room. If you prefer wooden flooring then a medium oak will give a similar color but you will need a cream rug at each side of the bed for comfort.

3. Furniture

Choose cherry wood furniture with some detail in it to add texture and interest to the room. This could be new furniture but it should have the look of history about it. A wooden sleigh bed would fit the bill, so would any furniture with carved detail.

4. Bedding

Choose a cream bedding ensemble with rich embroidered detail for texture and interest. Top the bedding with ornamental cushions which use both the cream colors from the bedding ensemble and the honey colors from the carpet. If suitable, make up a cushion or two in the curtain fabric.

5. Curtains

Use cream full length curtains incorporating a pattern in the exact same shade as the carpet. Trim a matching valance with chocolate brown beaded fringing.

6. Accessories

Add two bedside tables covered in cream tablecloths and use tall candle style lamps with honey colored silk shades. Trim these with the same beaded trimming as the valance.

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