Add Light and Movement To Your Yard

Same old yard outside, with beautiful lawn and flower beads, bird feeders, bird bath, neighborhood squirrels. All quiet and sedate? Jazz it up with outdoor string lights and wind spinners. Make your yard an ongoing fiesta (without the music).

Here's a unique looking parrot metal wind spinner.

Actually, there are many items intended for the outdoors that move in the wind: flags, wind socks, wind chimes, wind spinners. Each has its good and bad points. Each has its proponents. But just because you have one type doesn’t mean you can’t have a few of the other types as well. Do you have only one kind and color of flower in your flower beds? Probably not. So you can have a mixture of wind riders made of soft and hard materials as well. A wind sock and three wind spinners, perhaps, or a wind chime, a wind spinner and two flags. How many constitutes too many?

Then there are the lights to brighten the gloom of evening. Outdoor string lights come in many shapes and colors, and can make the yard look like a party is in progress every night. They do not give off as much light as other outdoor lighting, so the neighbors can’t complain – you can string as many as you like. With the interior lights turned off, your yard will seem like a fairyland (or horribly tacky, depending on the audience). Put out some bug fighting materials and you can even sit outside to converse. What a concept.

Most people like the manicured nature look, but you can be different. Add man-made items to enhance the color and activity of your yard and enjoy these additions. They won’t bother the birds for very long, and may accidentally provide more resting places for those waiting their turn at the bird feeder. The color and activity will draw visitors to your house to the windows to see what is going on out back.

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