Airplane Crib Bedding Nursery Decor Ideas

Cohesive designs help new parents to create beautiful elements they want in the infant’s new life. When you are bringing in a baby boy into the world parents become confused on how to set up the room. It is very easy to set up a little baby boy’s room. Consider your own personalities, but one theme that works very well with baby boys is airplane crib bedding.

The airplane design can be carried throughout the room by using propellers that are painted in vibrant colors that match the theme of the baby boy crib bedding. Airplane decals could be put on the crib and on the walls. Paint the room in blues to mimic the sky. One thing to keep in mind is that babies need vibrant colors, large objects that are brightly designed to focus on helping to promote healthy eye sight.

Another design that could be used is big billowy clouds with images of planes coming through the clouds. Then the bedding could be made from a bright colored comforter with pilot patches sewn on to the comforter. This pulls all elements of the pilot industry into one cohesive design.

There are many top designers that use airplanes in their crib design. With so many choices it is truly up to you on what elements you bring into the room. Through the use of rich bright colors you will help to improve your baby’s vision. Soothing colors in soft pastels have been proven to not boost a newborns eye sight.

Also consider the mobile you want this to tie into the end design. There are many that can be found, or purchased with the crib bedding to tie directly into the theme of the room. By purchasing all bedding, sheet sets, blankets and mobile from one designer will save you time. Use these simple design elements to help arrange the perfect airplane bedding set for your newborn baby boy.

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