All You Need to Know About Area Rugs

Most people want more than just a decent apartment or house to live in. They want a house that looks good and is comfortable. Most importantly, they want it to feel like home. For people like this, it is important to have the right accessories to make the house look nice. It is not necessary to do a major remodel in order to have a home with great decor. It just takes some imagination, energy and a little bit of money to make your house into something you can be proud to call home.

One easy way to improve the appearance of your home is to purchase area rugs for one or more of the rooms. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for an area rug:

•    Make sure you know why you are buying the rug. Which room is it going to be used in? Will it be the main focal point in the room or just an accent rug? Do you want it to be noticed or would you prefer that it blend in with the rest of your decor? The answers to these questions will help you pick the right rug for the room.

•    When you are selecting a rug, you’ll want to make sure it ties in the room’s motif or theme. For example, if the room is decorated in an Oriental theme, an Oriental rug would complement the decor that is already in place. If your room is decorated in pastels, the rug you choose should be in a pastel color or combination of pastel colors that look good with the existing decor.

•    The size of the rug is also important, as is the shape.  Large area rugs can make quite a statement and can quickly dominate the look of your room if you don’t balance the look.  Round and oval-shaped rugs will help give the room a softer look, whereas square or rectangular area rugs give a more formal feel to the room. A rug with an irregular shape will add some interest to the room’s decor.

You should also pay attention to the material of the rug you choose.  There are many types of natural or synthetics styles in the market today.  In terms of natural styles, wool area rugs are probably the most well known.  They have many great properties, some of which are natural antimicrobial properties and can be quite durable.  The synthetic materials are better suited for outdoor rug choices for a patio or enclosed room area.

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