Aluminum Carport Preparation and Installation

Most aluminum carport products sold today are sold in prefabricated or pre-engineered kits. The kits are specifically created so the assembly and installation can be completed by the average consumer. Special constructions skills or tools are typically not needed and depending on the size or style that you choose for your home, installation can be accomplished over weekend with the help of a friend or two for the heavier parts. You can also choose to pay a little extra to have a professional crew install it for you. Most companies that sell carports also offer the option or service of installation. Each company is different so you will need to inquire about the cost of installation. A few of the larger companies even offer free installation when you purchase one of their outdoor shelters or buildings.

Preparing the site of your soon to be carport is very important. The area must definitely be level in order for the shelter to also be level. Most carport experts recommend that you install a foundation or cement pad in the location so your vehicle has a clean and slightly raised area underneath. If you do not have an existing foundation, you can also choose to use concrete footings for the shelters. During installation, concrete footings will need to be created and allowed to cure before you begin building the carport.

There are also many types of anchors that can be used to secure your shelter to the ground or the foundation. This is especially important if you live in an area of turbulent weather. High winds, heavy snowfall, and even excess rain can pose a problem for the stability of a shelter. Anchors help keep the shelter together and in place when the conditions outside are difficult.

The installation of an aluminum carport should go very smoothly as long as you follow the recommendations from the manufacturer carefully and fully. The process will basically consist of putting the parts together and then securing them in place. Once installed and anchored in place, a carport should last the homeowner a very long time without much maintenance. You should periodically check to make sure it is still level and that all of the fittings are tight and snug.

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