Animal Skin Throw Rugs Can Give You A Fun Lodge Decor Theme

Written and submitted by our friends at Design Sense

Designing and renovating home interiors can become a very creative project for most people if they have the right attitude and a source to good ideas with them. You do not have to adhere to set fashion trends or look for safe and neutral options.

animal skin throwsYour home is the one place where you get back to relax, where you get motivated for the next day and where you invite your friends and guests to share your joys and sorrows. This space is your personal haven and you should be proactive in transforming in to a wonderful place to refresh your soul. Having said that, getting a little too creative and over enthusiastic is not advised. Shocking neon colors and strobe lights are not the order for the day. However, an aesthetic and creative option, which can be just as adventurous, is to play with a lodge decor idea for your home interiors.


The very first factor for a home is the comfort level. Lodges are structured around a rustic theme that goes excellently with this factor. You can buy vintage couches and living room furniture pieces that are large and cater to the rustic theme. Accentuate the furniture with rustic decor pieces – animal skin throws, occasional animal patterned cushions or you can even experiment with faux nature memorabilia for the corner tables.

Forests or a very strong scenic natural reserve surrounds most lodges. Bring the sights of the country in to your home with modern and vintage painting collection that depicts these scenes. Place them at strategic points to complement the color palette of your home. You can also put in sculptures and modern creative pieces that have a strong reference to your theme or the general rustic ambiance that you are trying to create.

Another important facet to any themed decoration idea is to not be too stuck up on the theme. It is ok to put in personal touches, in fact, it is necessary to keep the aesthetics of a home intact. You are not actually creating a lodge after all. So bring in picture frames and add a working fireplace to amplify your theme but put in regular family pictures and small tokens of family vacations throughout your house and even on the mantelpiece to personalize the room. You can also put in modern touches with your gadgets and home theater placements. Make sure that they do not clash with the overall ambiance of peace and calm though.

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