Buying The Right Arm Chair

While the sofa and loveseat are the largest pieces of furniture in your living/family room they are certainly not the most popular. Think about each time you enter a strange room about what seat you usually look at first. The arm chairs in your room are more than just conversation pieces. They are actually, according to some studies, the most desired form of seating. Most people it turns out would prefer the privacy of a single seat, especially around strangers, than the intimacy of a sofa or loveseat.

This means that choosing the correct arm chair, or arm chairs as the case may be is as important as choosing the rest of your furniture. When most people do buy an arm chair it is usually as a part of a living room suite of furniture that includes both sofa and love seat and sometimes end tables and a center coffee table. This does not have to be the case however. Some furniture stores will remove the arm chair and replace it with one more to your liking.

The arm chair comes in a variety of styles and many different materials are used in the upholstery. The largest percentages are leather arm chairs, but this is not the only option by far. The reason leather is so popular is that is comes in many different types and grades and allows you much more flexibility than any other materials. Arm chairs also come in many styles from club chairs to recliners to the lounge chair. This gives you a way to find the perfect arm chair for you needs. Which one you chose will depend on the chairs location. If the chair is in an open area you best bet would be a recliner, while if it sitting against a wall a lounge chair would be better. Club chairs are great for enclosed patios where you’re looking for something more stylish than those cheap plastic patio furniture pieces you see.  Now, there are real and synthetic wicker furniture choices available, too.

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