Art Deco Lamps for Modern Decor

The Art Deco movement that formed in the 1920s got its start in Paris and spread around the world. Many people still love the look of Art Deco, and enjoy light fixtures, artwork, furniture and other items created in this style. Art Deco lamps are a great way to add the touch to a room without decking it out completely in the 1920 style. The hallmarks of the style are the push toward mechanics, industrialism, the future and the idea that it would be a luxurious, mechanized world.

During this period, King Tut’s tomb was opened for the first time, a flight went across the ocean and the industrial age promised big changes for Europe and the world. These influences are clear in the Art Deco movement. The entire faces of buildings that are still standing from this period look as if they’re covered in mechanized plates, gears, sleek metals and industrial materials, all finished in cool and surprising color combinations. Aqua and yellow-gray, coral and pastel green and other combinations that would have seemed odd in another period became common in Art Deco.

Art Deco furniture and other items were known for their sleek lines and smooth curves, much in the way that people pictured everything futuristic would look. Metals, glass and smooth, polished stone are key elements in the style. Art Deco lamps often have marble bases and copper or other metal plating over large parts of the piece. And along with the extremely rigid and industrial look of the items, things like curvy animals, nudes and Egyptian designs like Cleopatra were also included.

Genuine Art Deco lamp styles are costly today, and usually take in quite a bit at auctions. You can pay far less by choosing an antique reproduction rather than the actual antiques themselves, while still enjoying the striking look of the style period.  These vintage lamps are sure to give you  a great Deco feel.

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