How Can You Avoid Overspending When Buying Patio Cushions?

There are a variety of wood and plastic patio furniture pieces to choose among.  With several fascinating patio cushions designs available out there, you might really be tempted to buy more than you really need.  In fact, even if you don’t need some of them, you still buy them due to your excitement over the ‘clearance’ or ‘sales’ price.  This may be true, but it may cause you to exceed your budget.  This is even more true when you order online. Since you just have to click and click, you might not notice that you have already spent a lot. Well, that problem can easily be solved. You just have to follow some tips outlined here:

  • First, count the number of cushions needed for your patio furniture. If there are only 6, buy only 6. If you have some money to spare, you can ‘buy in sets’ and make it 12. You keep first the other 6 and make use of them when the need arises. Don’t go beyond that number. It may take more time before you would need to buy some more cushions.
  • List first all the designs that you like. Don’t buy them yet. When you have short listed what you wanted to buy, go back to them again. Try to compare and contrast them. Gradually eliminate the ones that you don’t really like. Eventually, you will come up with the cushions that you really want to bring home.
  • Always allocate an amount ahead of time. If you have allocated only $100-250 for all cushions, don’t go beyond. Discipline yourself. If you want some other designs, just take note where you’ve found them. You can go back to them the next time around. If you order online, don’t click your orders right away. Include in your evaluation the shipping and handling fees and taxes, if applicable.

So, while your patio furniture does need some nice cushions, follow these tips to keep yourself within your budget.  In short, with discipline, you will really avoid overspending. Check out more ideas about these cushions along with an outdoor chaise lounge cushion at A-Z Home Centers.

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