Bathroom Blinds: A Quick Way to Give Your Bathroom a Lift

No matter how nice your bathroom furnishings and accessories are, if you do not have decent bathroom blinds on the window it will not look nearly as good as it could. For some reason, especially in a bathroom, tatty, discolored, mildewed or damaged blinds can really cause the entire room to look shabby and unkempt. By the same token, oftentimes simply changing your bathroom blinds can give an immediate lift to any bathroom.

If your blinds are shabby and you cannot afford to buy brand new venetian blinds or shutters, there are still several options available. You can always buy some material and try to sew your own bathroom curtains. They can be very simply made with a hem on the sides and the bottom, and an open hem at the top that can slide onto a curtain wire.

Another option is to look into buying cheap window blinds, such as roller blinds or even vinyl or aluminum venetian blinds and installing those. In some ways this is a much better option as you do not have to worry at all about mildew with either vinyl or aluminum blinds and both are very easy to clean. Another plus for installing something like venetian blinds or blinds with louvers is that you can tilt the louvers so that plenty of light still comes in through the window yet you have all the privacy you want. With regular curtains they are either opened or closed, and if opened obviously your privacy is not really the best.

One example of some frosted window film.

Something else that people have found quite effective is simply placing frosted window film on the windows, or at least on the bottom half so that people cannot see in through the window. This film comes in different degrees of opacity and you can usually find something that is suitable. Frosted film can also be patterned, so you can use it to actually match your existing decor simply by matching colors as you would with regular curtains.

Whatever route you decide to take, you will find that installing new window treatments; whether blinds or window curtains, can give your bathroom an immediate, and generally not so costly, lift.

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