Bathroom Lighting Can Enhance The Mood

When considering a makeover of an existing bathroom don’t forget about the bathroom lighting. Lighting gives the designer an opportunity to turn an otherwise dull and drab or harsh atmosphere into an inviting experience for those moments when you just cannot resist a visit. By choosing the right lighting for the bathroom a sense of serenity can be achieved for those long soaking baths or showers that soothe the nerves and settle the senses.

Today’s home improvement stores as well as specialty stores stock an array of different lighting fixtures that are sure to please the most discerning of tastes. With a little ingenuity any project manager can select the right fixture to create the best experience with bathroom lighting. Of course there are always the associates in any fixture department that are willing to help with the selection, and that is a good place to start. With the assistance of a knowledgeable associate selecting that fixture is made 100% easier to accomplish.

Things to consider when selecting bathroom lighting are: where the fixture will be placed, what will the lighting be used for and will it need to be on a dimmer? If the lighting will be used for makeup application it will surely need to be bright without being harsh, so for this application it would be important to determine if a simple bulb would give that effect or if the fixture itself could allow for changes in ambiance.

When installing a bathroom lighting fixture with the option of having a dimmer, a designer can build in changes for mood enhancements. For instance, one occupant of this much sought after room may want to take a long leisurely bath to melt away the days hurried moments. By adjusting the lighting with a dimmer the moments spent in the tub can be effective for the cause.  Selecting the right lighting is a very important element in any design plan.

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