Bathroom Style: Frameless Shower Doors

If you have been thinking about updating your bathroom there are many things you can do to add to the value and aesthetics of the room. One of the best ways to make your bathroom look and feel luxurious is to install a frameless shower door system.

The difference between frameless doors and other shower doors is the metal used in the past to hold the shower doors in place. The metal frame used completely surrounded the doors and kept them together. The problem with this design is that water and soap scum can get caught in the crevices between the metal and the glass allowing mildew to build up.  Not only this, but then the sight lines looking through the glass are also blocked by these obvious metal edges.  The frameless designs take on similar similar to the look of more modern looking walk in shower designs.

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Frameless shower doors eliminate the metal. The glass used is made from tempered glass and is thicker than the glass used with metal frames. This open look makes your bathroom much more inviting and can even make the space look bigger and lighter.

There are many different design options for your bathroom. Whether you have a stand alone shower or a bathtub you can use these shower doors. Some shower designs include several different panels that completely surround the entire bathtub or shower, while others are just one panel that cover one side. You can also use a design that fits into a corner with three sides of glass. The middle panel is often the door to enter and exit the shower.

The types of glass are also very varied. If you like a clear clean look stay with the clear glass, but you can also choose from tinted glass, a reflective glass, etched, and even glass that has designs embedded into it.

Some of these bathrooms have a frameless neo angle shower enclosure unit, that is a very luxurious looking piece.    Certain bathroom installations are expensive.   Although the initial cost may be a little higher than other designs, in the long run the durability and resale value will definitely pay off. So visit your local home improvement store and check out the latest bathroom styles.

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