The All New Beach Canopy Chairs

Everyone would agree that summer would never be complete without a visit to the beach. In spite of the scorching heat of the sun, the beach is a haven for endless outdoor activities. When going to the beach, one must be prepared.  What’s the solution:  shade.  Thus, bringing the right equipment for a beach outing is a must. Beach canopy chairs are one of the most important beach companions you can’t go without.

These canopy chairs come in a variety of colors perfect for any decor or occasion. You can match your favorite team colors or select one in a camoflauge pattern.
A superb, lightweight, honeycombed aluminum design, manufactured from a patented extrusion process, producing the world’s most finest outdoor chair. Winner of the International Good Design award in 2004, the Sophiste features a broad 53cm beam, an amazing 280lb load capacity, a peerless Cordura canopy with swivel-stitched, double-walled construction, & a sturdy snap mechanism for easy of folding. It also includes a handle carry-strap on the armrests, to aid hauling the cloud-like 5lb frame. Combining bright, contemporary colors with engineering from an era where things were built to last, the Sophiste Chair is a 21st Century classic.

Of course, you need not visit the beach in order to enjoy a relaxing time in one of these fine chairs.  You could just as easily use them at the kid’s games or for relaxing in your yard.  A patio is also a great place to use these for extra seating.  These types of folding chairs are perfect for your needs.

This is the perfect chair to use because it is designed with a cover – or canopy – above it that serves as a protection against the direct sun and heat.  During a humid or hot day, it could supply enough shade to avoid sunburn, eye irritation or any other inconveniences that would spoil your outing.  It could help minimize the exposure to U.V. rays, which we all know are dangerous.  On the other hand, when a little drizzle visits, the cover could more or less protect you from directly getting wet.

In the market today, various designs and colors have been offered. Some designs provide additional usefulness, like having an armrest, a glass or cup holder, and others even have pockets or pouches for storage, attached to it. Spending your money for this type of chair is practical, as it is usually made of light yet durable material like fabric, mesh or polyester, which are most of the time waterproof. Aside from its usefulness and durability, it is also handy and can easily be carried anywhere you want it. It can be folded or sometimes has its own backpack bag to make it more portable and convenient to carry.

Indeed, a day by the beach would truly be relaxing if you are seated comfortably. What chair can better give you this kind of comfort, than the beach canopy chair? Sitting on it, you can just let the time pass, while reading a book or by simply enjoying the scenery; and at the end of the day, you need not worry of premature wrinkles or unwanted tan on your body.

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