Beaded Curtains: What’s Old Is New Again

There are many misconceptions about beaded curtains. Many believed that they are stuck in the seventies and are not trendy. Others say they are cheap and should only be used to cordon off the kitchen in restaurants. What they do not know is that beaded curtains have recently made their comeback. Yes, as more and more people realize the many merits of these useful pieces, innovative beaded curtains are now more stylish than ever.

Perhaps a front door with a beaded curtain is too bold for you, but this look is very unique.

Beaded curtains were first popularized by western movies set in Asia or Africa. These films often portrayed bamboo beaded curtain styles – which has always been popular in that part of the world. Today, they can be made out of glass, plastics, mirrors, wood, shells, right on up to the most expensive materials like gemstones. Some are even made of eco-friendly products and materials like used foil bags from potato chips and old magazine pages.

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Furthermore, what used to be old is considered hip now. Those made out of bamboo beads are even better. Each bead is intricately painted to make up one whole image. Patterned images range from landscapes, cartoon characters, animals and religious portraits. There are also many themes, designs and cuts to choose from.

If you are the creative type, then go ahead and make one on your own. You can choose your own materials and design and it’s also a fun project to pass the time. Be sure to tie each bead into the string to avoid having all the beads fall off at once if one gets snagged. This also makes it easier to cut the curtain later if it ends up being too tall for the space in question. Making curtains is a great way to enhance your creativity and who knows, you might just earn money from it! Places like Etsy and Ebay are full of people selling homemade beaded curtains and some sellers can even create a curtain based on your specific request.

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Beaded curtains are often used as a room divider screen, wall decoration, or as a canopy. Using them as decorative screens like this can be a great way to divide your space and give you an added sense of a ‘wall’.  However, you may not be familiar that these curtains can attract positive energy and good vibes, too. According to Feng shui experts; beaded curtains filter out the airflow on your doorway and leaves positive energy behind. Various cultures even support the idea of people feeling more light and energized after passing through a curtain of beads like this.

One thing is for sure, beaded curtains are something you can appreciate and use with confidence.  They are worth so much more than their materials and unusual workmanship; you can see through the art the patience, hard work and creativity of the craftsman.  All these things show through in the decor of your home.

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