Bean Bag Furniture

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Although it may seem a throwback to the 1970’s, beanbags have never really gone out of style ! The good news is the bean bag furniture is now making a huge comeback and are currently the  “in – thing.”  A bag chair traditionally was a large piece of rectangular cloth stuffed with beans ( either real such as kidney beans or the plastic alternative ) which you threw on the floor in the corner of your room.
It had little shape or style – which was part of its purpose, with an emphasis being upon relaxing and lounging without conforming to the norm of a chair.  This type of furniture is still around, however has undergone a revolution.

An important point is note is that rather than being a shapeless lump, this type of furniture has now much more fittings, with the bag having a definite shape when you are not sitting on it , thereby making it a more attractive addition to your home.

The type of cloth too has altered tremendously. In its heyday of the 1970’s, the bag was typically made of denim since this was long lasting and tough enough to cope with bean bags being used both indoors and outdoors. In contrast, the furniture of today comes in a wide variety of materials, ranging from the luxury of silk and velvet to thick cotton alternatives.

In addition to shape and cloth alterations, the material design has altered, offering clients a wide range of designs and colours so that your new furniture can blend into your house.  Overall, forget your prejudices of yesteryear and check out the bean bag chair collection at your local store – you will be pleasantly surprised!

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