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You will probably agree that there never seems to be enough space the bedroom. With so many things to store and so little room to do it, it can be frustrating. This is where a bed with drawers can help. Instead of wasting that space

Here's a neat little bed with drawers design.

underneath your bed, why not put it to use?

Since space is a limited commodity in most homes, in order to maximize the available space, you need to think about combining different things into one. Instead of buying some cube storage furniture or cabinets, or getting some remodeling closet ideas, consider a platform bed with drawers.  You can use your bed as an extra storage space in your room without taking up any extra floor space. Beds with drawers can come in a variety of designs. Some will have more drawers than others but typically, you will have 3 drawers on each side of the bed. Some will only have the drawers on one side which is good for situations where one side of your bed is place against the wall. You can also get the higher platform beds which have 6 drawers on each side as well for extra storage.  Some of the more common queen platform bed styles give you just enough space without having too large a bed.

You may want to go down to a furniture shop to see the different types of beds that they have available for you to purchase. If you want a more convenient way to check out the beds, you can search for them online. When comparing prices, make sure you account for things like shipping costs when purchasing online. The cost of the bed you get will largely depend on the quality as well as the size of the bed. The ones with more drawers will usually cost a bit more as well.  Although you can find cheaper bed with drawers, consider sticking to the higher quality ones since they will last longer. This is pretty much the same for most types of furniture.

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