Purchasing Bedding for a King Size Bed

The actual buying of linen for king size bed is not the hard part, but selecting the right color, material, and print the goes along with that purchase makes this a more daunting task than that one cares to contend with anytime. However, there is good news in the fact that they have something called “bed in a bag”. This offers the decorating neophyte a complete turnkey solution that affords them the help they need when it comes to matching their decor. They contain all the required linen such as a king quilt cover, sheets and pillowcases. Basically all you have to do is select a bag that contains the colors that will match up with what is already in your bedroom.

If you are fortunate enough to have a sense of style and color coordination, then you can venture out on your own, selecting not only the proper thread count sheets, but the color that will complement your bedroom surroundings. Remember that the higher the thread count more luxurious sheets will feel to your skin while laying in bed. The average consumer will usually opt for the 200 thread count, and this will be for two reasons; one the price is right, and secondly they have never experienced the cool crisp feel of 600 thread count sheets.  While we’re discussing this topic, there is also something called Percale sheets that you may or may not have heard of.  This refers not to a type of cotton but the manner in which the sheets are woven.  Percale refers to a very tight weave, giving rise to a higher thread count sheet.  All of these are offered in king size bedding as well.

If you can afford it at the time of purchase, purchase two complete sets of bedding for the simple reason, that you can have a clean set of king bed sheets while the others are in the laundry. This will allow you to not have to rush and get your laundry done before going to sleep at night. In addition, alternating or rotating the sets will cut down on wear and tear that having a single set will cause. You can also opt, for having, two different sets with different color combinations that will still match your comforter and the rest of your bedroom’s accents. This will preclude the style and character of your room from becoming boring and lackluster.

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