Bedroom Organization Ideas: De-Clutter and Reclaim Your Space

Organizationally challenged? If so, odds are clutter has always been a part of your everyday life at home. Clutter may be a problem for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of someone not knowing how to organize.  Commonly, it’s just that you’re too busy and too tired all the time and there’s just nobody else to do it.  As a result, clutter piles up slowly but surely until you’re buried in a mountain of it.  Sound familiar?

Organizing isn’t really that much of a challenge and should not be met with such a heavy sigh. The secret to an organized home is NOT cleaning up every time you see clutter. It is giving each space a place for all of the things that ‘live’ there.

Home experts have been preaching the same principles in organizing for quite some time.  There are even entire shows on HGTV and others that are dedicated to this subject entirely. Though there are little additional things to consider in organizing your bedroom in particular, the same principles apply. Before jumping in head first in organizing your bedroom, as to any other rooms in the house, always conceptualize and picture out the outcome. Be specific with it like “I want all my shoes to be placed right here, my clothes hung up nicely here and my jewelry right in this corner.” Below are some bedroom organization ideas.

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  • Pick a Place for Everything –  Doing this would not only get rid of clutter. It will save you your precious time locating your “stuff”.
  • Decide on What is REALLY needed in your bedroom – Look at your room. Are there too many books, too many furniture, too much going on? Now you might want to put these “extras” back to where they belong: not in your bedroom. How about your closet? Do you REALLY wear those clothes? Well, are you still planning to wear them at all? Stop collecting a wardrobe for sentimental reasons and start keeping clothes you actually wear.  This is part common sense and also part of a new style of living.  Of course, your closet design will dictate some of your flexibility.
  • Get extra shelves and other organizing items – Add extra shelves to a corner in your room for more storage space. Also readily available in home stores are items such as shoe and jewelry hanging organizers. Some are even designed for organizing specific items such as purses, belts, scarves, ties and watches.

If you’re sure to keep these same principles in mind with the rest of your home, you’ll find that as the clutter leaves, your sanity and sense of calm will return.  Who isn’t ready for that?

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