Benefits of Planting Vegetables at Home

You might be wondering what an article about a vegetable garden is doing on a home and bedroom decorating site.  Well, the answer is because a garden, both vegetable and flower can provide a homeowner with some great outdoor decor all its own.  If you are considering starting a home vegetable garden for whatever reason, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Many new gardeners start with a vegetable garden or a container garden. Gardening is a great hobby that benefits your health, both in being active and in supplying you and your family with fresh vegetables. There are many benefits to planting vegetables in your home garden.

Health benefits

Gardening is a great form of low impact exercise, when you consider that raking, sowing seeds, digging, cultivating and watering. This is just one benefit to planting vegetables in your home garden. A vegetable garden can provide you in your family with a wide assortment of healthy vegetables to choose from. Consider growing a wide color assortment of vegetables to provide maximum vitamins and nutrients. You can even grow your garden organically, eliminating chemicals from your diet as well.

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables can cost more than buying processed, packaged foods. Even if you have to buy the seeds and tools, they will pay for themselves very quickly. You know how you have to dig in produce bins at the grocery store to find decent looking vegetables? Well planting vegetables in your home garden means you will have access to vegetables that have not been battered and bruised.

Depending on how big of a garden you choose the plan, you could even earn a little bit of spare cash to fund your new gardening hobby. Surplus crops can be sold to neighbors or friends. Homegrown vegetables also make a great gift idea that will spread the health and environmental benefits to your family and friends as well.

Planting your own vegetable garden can be good for the environment in a few different ways. The more people grow their own vegetables, the less money is spent on fuel for transporting trucks and chemicals which are sprayed onto the vegetables. Growing organic vegetables provides the most benefit to the environment.

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