Features of the Best Carpet Cleaning Machines

Because of advances in technology and modern consumers’ desire to have multiple functionalities in the home accessories they purchase, many carpet cleaning machines today such as vacuums and scrubbing machines have been designed not just for cleaning carpets but also for cleaning other surfaces and areas around the house or establishment.

Cutting-edge manufacturers have developed multi-surface cleaning devices that can be adjusted to take care of problem spots on a wide variety of surfaces, including carpets, tiles, floor boards, and even upholstery. Some, however, choose to focus on improving single-surface cleaning machines and making them more effective than ever.

The Hoover SteamVac Widepath has the patented SpinScrub brushes that clean all sides of the carpet fiber. The brushes are easy to remove for easy clean up. And, there are 3 speeds for a variety of tasks. The Dual-V Technology provides equal suction across the entire path and removes more water than any other brand. The Widepath feature provides 20% more brushing and cleaning action on your carpet with a powerful 12amp motor. The Heat feature applies heat directly to the carpet.The Dual V also comes with a 8′ hose that provides long reach and a tool caddy for easy storage as well as a SpinScrub Hand Power tool for those above the floor cleaning chores.
SteamVac features SpinScrub– the Multiple Brush System with 5 self-adjusting brushes for outstanding cleaning performance.

Newer models of carpet cleaning machines, for example, now use less water and solutions so the carpet does not get too damp, and to lessen the prescribed drying time also. Additionally, whereas older brands of carpet cleaning systems would require you to manually apply solution to the carpet surface, today’s sophisticated models do it all for you, injecting the carpet with the solution and then applying the steam afterward.

Bissell Little Green ProHeat Turbo Carpet Cleaner, 1425B

This Bissell 14251 Little Green ProHeat Spot Cleaner gives you thorough deep cleaning convenience for tasks large and small. Strong spray and suction clean and help dry in one step. Long power cord and compact design make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easy. Stores ready-to-use.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner, 9400M

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Select upright deep cleaner combines heated cleaning, powerful DirtLifter PowerBrushes, and surround suction to expertly clean and groom carpeted floors. The machine’s double rows of DirtLifter PowerBrushes agitate ground-in dirt to the surface while a wide floor nozzle with…

You can find carpet cleaning machines which are suitable for your clean rugs, upholstery, car interiors and other common non-carpeted floor surfaces such as laminate wood flooring, tiles or concrete. Usually, all that needs to be done is adjust the machine’s controls.

These additional features give you more value for your purchased equipment. If the best carpet cleaners have everything you will need around your home, why would you need to buy an additional mop for your kitchen tiles, for example?

Many of these newer have steam attachments and accessory tips and hoses that can even be used in the place of having to buy grout cleaner products.  These units are great because many of these tile cleaners can be toxic or leave you with a harmful vapor or odor in your home.

Machines with this multi-surface functionality have a clear advantage over other household devices, as they cut on costs, make household cleaning and maintenance more convenient, and also free up storage space. If you are in an urban setting and space is limited, having a carpet steam cleaner or all-around cleaning machine for all your household surfaces beats having to keep two or three different cleaners around for your needs.

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