Black Chandeliers – Sexy Lighting Fixtures for Any Room

Chic, sexy, sophisticated and a little on the dark side but oh, so popular in today’s home decor, black chandeliers are the hottest trend for lighting a room.  You can find these lighting fixtures in any living space. The styling can be retro, deco, modern, whimsy, or old world.  Black chandeliers add excitement and a touch of elegance.  Some people say that these lights have replaced the wall sconces for trendy fixtures.

The right size is important.  A too large or too small chandelier would look out of place.  Start by measuring the space.  Multi-tier chandeliers may be considered for a ceiling over 9 ft. This will fill the space and add a central focus. For dining rooms the size of the room and size of the table should be considered.  A chandelier needs to be at least 30 inches above the table leaving room for conversation to flow under the fixture. The appearance of overcrowding can be avoided if  the width of the chandelier is about 24 inches smaller than the width of the table.  A dimming switch is an important feature, especially in the dining room.

Lighting changes a room’s atmosphere, and can be  completely altered by effective lighting.  Any room, any style will be completed by a well thought out light feature.  The chandelier does not have to be the only lighting in the room.  Place other lighting around the room to add to the decor.  You can make a room soft and cozy with a romantic fixture or cool and crisp with a minimalist fixture.  You can even create a more rustic or western feel with a fake antler chandelier in a living or dining room.

The entry way or living rooms are the most common room that lend themselves to chandeliers. However, bedrooms, dens and even bathrooms are now rooms with these lights.  Hung over a bed, it  helps with a romantic mood that cannot be achieved any other way.  Picture a bathroom with the white porcelain fixtures and a black chandelier hanging over the garden tub. What a dramatic look with other black accents brought in.

These light fixtures can be found in all styles and sizes. Essential to any room is lighting and what would spice things up more than a chandelier?

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