How To Effectively Care For Your Black Walnut Flooring

Black walnut is perhaps one of the most prized of all North American hardwoods. This is probably why it’s growing popular as a material for floors. Despite the fact that it’s softer than most other types of hardwood, it’s stable and very strong, possessing good shock resistance and making it a favorite among homeowners. Despite this, you still have to take good care of your black walnut flooring.

Here are some tips for you:
Use area rugs and mats to protect your black walnut floors. Do this in high traffic areas around your home such as doorways. Even the tiniest bit of dirt and grit can scratch the surface and ruin your otherwise perfect finish.

Keep curtains closed. Too much exposure to direct sunlight can permanently ruin your black walnut floor.
Clean up liquid spills immediately. Allowing puddles to stay longer may permanently ruin your floor.
Use damp mops to clean your floor. In addition, never use oil soap with black walnut. It’s advisable to use cleaners that are specially designed for hardwood floors.

Use brooms with fine bristles to sweep your black walnut floor. Fine bristles cannot scratch the surface and they tend to trap the most dirt. As much as possible, use natural-made brooms instead of synthetic, plastic ones you find at department stores. Make it a habit to sweep your floor at least once a day for best results.

Heavier objects dropped on the floor will dent it.  Do not drag furniture across your floor either. Black walnut is soft. As mentioned, it’s one of the softest varieties of hardwood.

With proper care and maintenance, your black walnut floor can last a lifetime. Just remember the tips above and be sure to use reliable cleaning products and equipment. Also, for best results use a satin finish for better protection.

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