Tips on Choosing Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

There are an assortment of blinds that are used around the home.  Window treatments come in an almost dizzying array of styles.  From vertical to horizontal, real wood, faux woods, honeycomb or cellular shades, plastic, blackout, etc.  It really depends on the location in your home and the desired look you are going for.  This is true of living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.  And, the shape of your windows and doors are also a factor to consider.

Here are several banks of sliding glass doors that could use some blinds.

Blinds for Sliding glass doors enhance and allow for a room to feel more intimate. They give the room an elegant look since blinds for sliding glass doors come in a variety of types and colors. The blinds for this type of door could have a fabric material to match the type of room. Blending or matching colors make the room complete and add warmth to each room in the house with the blinds matching the main color of the room.

Select the most attractive color from one of the furnishings.  Take this color, along with a bit of the secondary color, and place it next to the blinds for sliding glass doors. You want to keep your palette of colors consistent as it will allow you to carry your theme seamlessly from room to room.  This also creates a sense of space.

When you are ready to decorate the bedroom use a sample for comparison.  Your decorator may pull one from the Waverly curtains and bedding or other brand name collection, but it doesn’t really make a difference, you’re just interested in the color or pattern at this point. Take the swatch with you when you are ready to go shopping to buy the matching blinds.

Some plans call for a clear and uncluttered view, like this modern room.

Never attempt to match colors by solely relying upon your memory. It will not work, there are too many shades of reds, blues or greens to be able to match a color without a sample piece.  Take the bedding with you if this is what you are matching and don’t have a swatch available. If it is too bulky to carry, one of the matching pillow cases will do.

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While it is usually better for the bedroom blinds to match a primary color, using one of the secondary shades will work as well. Blending and matching colors in one specific room gives the area a finished look.  Some more shabby-chic types of bedroom designs call for a mixture of colors and textures.  This can give your room an even more unique appeal.

There is another option in terms of providing privacy and still allowing light.  It is a bit more permanent, but can give you another choice; frosted glass.  As mentioned, it will allow for light to pass and still give you privacy in your space.  They work much like frosted doors on your shower, bathroom, pantry, or sliding wardrobe doors.  If you’re set on blinds for your sliding glass doors, then this is probably not the best suggestion for you.

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