Uses for Brown Fabric in the Master Bedroom

Brown fabric can really add a ton of luxury to the master bedroom. The key to decorating this room is that it is very important to work together with your spouse to find a design style that you can both agree on. For this reason it can often mean that this room does just go without a lot of attention just because you both can’t focus in on the color or style. You can use a few simple decorations to really find common ground and even add in a chocolate sectional depending on the size of your space.

The really beautiful thing about this kind of fabric is that it works so well in a modern and contemporary space. You might be in apartment with plain white walls and everything just feels a little bit like a bachelor pad. If you can hang up curtains you can really change the entire feeling of your space. You could even try it finding a massive headboard or make your own out of an upholstered fabric if you would like more of a spa like feeling in your room.

You can also look to this as a way to bring in a theme. For instance a lot of different animal prints will have brown in them. You could even go for your own unique take on a zebra rug by finding one in chocolate brown and white. Of course you don’t want your room to feel like an all out Safari so it is important to just stick with one piece. This could be an accent chair or a throw pillow. This will really stand out in the room and can be the focal point. It works really well if you don’t have a lot of architectural details or intricate furniture in your space and you really like to keep things crisp and modern looking but you still want to get that design punch.

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