Budget Friendly Decorating with Plate Racks

In today’s economy, many homeowners (and renters alike) are choosing to refresh, redecorate and remodel their existing homes rather than purchase (or rent) a new one. Of course, even though it may be a smaller investment to refurbish one’s environment rather than replace it, that doesn’t mean that the budget knows no boundaries. One easy, often low cost decorating tip for kitchens and dining rooms is the wall mounted plate rack. With many designs and styles to from which to choose, plate racks fit in cohesively with every type of décor from traditional to the more contemporary.

Decorating with plate racks can be done in a number of ways as they’re available in various designs from vertical and horizontal styles, hanging or standing models, single to multiple dish capacities and from extremely ornate to the more sleek and simple lined designs. They can also display small framed art and decorative painted tiles.

In the kitchen, plate racks can be utilized to either store plates for daily use or to display decorative dishes either on the counter or on the wall. The storage style plate rack can be wall mounted or placed on a counter or shelf depending on the style purchased and the space. For some counter styles the dishes are stacked on top of each other and even though they’re not front displayed, a stack of colorful plates can still be a fabulous decorative touch. There are also counter styles that hold the dishes facing forward in between multiple posts that the dishes rest on. These look great on wall shelving or countertops. Another counter standing style is meant for display and resembles a miniature painter’s easel. It holds the decorative plate (or decorative tile) facing forward much like a painter’s canvas.  A word of caution on easel style plate racks – be sure to measure the height of the space between your counter and the bottom of the upper cabinetry so that you’re sure both the rack and the plate itself will fit.

For the wall varieties, there are plate racks that hold the dishes vertically – displaying the fronts. The racks can be hung in groupings or individually. They may hold anywhere from one to 3 or more plates each. Horizontal styles can hold more plates and are even available in large sizes that can hold a few rows of plates.  Another wall mounting design plate rack are clamp style racks. Each holds one dish and is nearly invisible once mounted. The holder simply clamps the plate from behind. These are normally grouped with other plates or flanking either side of a mirror or picture in a dining room.

Plate racks are very versatile and come in such a wide array of styles and designs. They’re priced from as low as ten dollars on up to the low hundreds. The best selection can be found online although it may be possible to find them in limited selections in your local home store or house ware section in your local department stores.

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