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In building a greenhouse, there are a lot of considerations that you need to know. One of it is choosing from the different types of greenhouses. In choosing a greenhouse, you should think carefully as to what you really need because different types are for different purposes. Included in your greenhouse plans should be the pros and cons of the types that you are considering. One type that is often overlooked is the lean to greenhouse.  We’ll discuss some of the advantages here.

One of the reasons why it is recommended is due to its convenience. It is usually placed at the side of your house, so just make a step away from your house and then you are already in your greenhouse. Well, it would be much better if you put on some slight distance. If your purpose of putting up a greenhouse is to have fresh vegetable at your dinner table, then this one is good for you.  How convenient is that?  Fresh vegetables just steps away!

Another thing is that it is good for is actually shading your home on certain walls.  If your walls are facing south, they are exposed to a lot of sunlight.  If you use your greenhouse there, it will be great for the plants and also help to reduce the heat buildup in the rooms behind those south-facing walls.  The south side wall with a direct sunlight is a good spot on growing fresh plants, more efficient than those placed elsewhere your backyard.  This is regionally-specific, but it can be a good idea.

Lastly, since it is a lean-to greenhouse, meaning “leans towards”, it is stable as it leans against a more solid structure; your home.  You won’t have problems when it comes to stability unlike the free-standing greenhouses.  The lean-to conservatory is another term used to talk about a sunroom and has a similar structural design as this particular greenhouse.

Having these advantages of lean to greenhouse in your considerations will help you choose the right greenhouse plans. Be wise in weighing the pros and cons and you will enjoy a long life for your very own greenhouse structure.

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