Where to Buy Beaded Lamp Shades

You can get run of the mill plain lamp shades all over town in every discount store and market but if you want something special that may not be so easy. Beaded lamp shades are very popular but you might not find them in the cheaper stores. Here are the places to look.

1. High End Department Stores

If you have a good department store with a lighting department, they will probably stock a few beaded shades and you should be able to find something suitable. Although there will not be a huge selection you should see the standard colors of cream, dark red and gold, at least, and perhaps one or two black lamp shades if the department store if known for its contemporary furniture.

2. Specialist Lighting Stores

If you have a store dedicated to lighting in your locality then you should find a choice of beaded lamp shades of all types there. If they do not have exactly what you want on display, they may be able to order them in for you. These stores are great for getting advice about what might work with a particular lamp base so take your base along, if you can, to get help with finding something suitable.

3. Interior Design Stores

These stores seem to specialize in finding those little accessories which lift your room decoration and as beaded lamp shades fit into that category, you are likely to find one or two examples to choose from here. The only problem might be that the items in these stores generally come with a high price tag.

4. On the Web

Whatever you need you can generally buy it on the web and beaded lamp shades are no exception. A quick search with your browser will uncover many examples of all colors although you may have to do a little detective work to uncover exactly what you need.

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