Should I Buy a Breakfast Nook Set?

If you are looking for new breakfast nook furniture and you have not bought furniture in a while, there is a new method of purchasing furniture that you may not be familiar with. Many rooms can be furnished with what are called furniture sets. Breakfast nook sets are a very popular version of a furniture set. There are many advantages to buying your furniture this way. It used to be that you needed to buy pieces separately, but now you can get all the furniture for a room in a single purchase.

The first advantage to buying a breakfast nook set rather than a breakfast table and chairs separately is that you do not need to have any decorating or furniture skills to make sure you will have matching and pleasing furniture. Professionals have ready done all of that work for you when you buy a breakfast table and chairs that are meant to go together. No matter how careful you are when choosing the individual pieces, the stains or paints are not likely to match exactly. You will probably have to re-paint or re-stain all of the individual pieces so that they look like a set. Another thing that is hard to match if you buy separate pieces is the relative sizes of all of the chairs. You need to make sure that you find enough chairs that are the exact same height ad similar in footprint so that they look alright gathered around the same table.

A second advantage to buying a breakfast table set is that you will be able to look at overall dimensions rather than having to add together the dimensions of a table and separate chairs. A third advantage is that it is easier to replace pieces of a set than individual pieces that you put together. Most piece meal sets are put together from things you pick up at second hand stores or thrift stores. You cannot just pick up the phone and order a replacement.

The one disadvantage I can think of to buying a breakfast nook set is that you are often stuck with at least some bench seating. Many of the breakfast nook sets on the market have a combination of chairs and benches or even entirely bench seating. Many people do not find benches comfortable and would rather have chairs. It is harder to find sets that meet this requirement completely.

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