Buying Flooring for Your Bedroom : What Not to Do

You can buy many types of flooring for your bedroom but not all of it will be appropriate or look good. Here are some tips to avoid making a mistake with your purchase:

Oak Flooring

1. The Wrong Type of Flooring

The floor in a bedroom should be about comfort. If you lay the cheapest vinyl floor tiles, you will regret it when you step on them in bare feet on a cold morning. If you have chosen hard tile flooring in error then add to the comfort of the flooring with a bedside rug. More appropriate flooring for a bedroom would be carpet or even hardwood flooring or laminate which tends to be warmer than cold tiles. (A floor rug would still be a welcome addition however).

2. The Wrong Color of Flooring

Flooring which fades into the background is generally best for most bedrooms which take their colors mainly from walls, bedding and curtains. Medium oak laminate flooring or beige carpet will work in many rooms as a neutral color. If you choose a bright shade the room will not be so relaxing and you will tire of it quickly. Not only that, the color of the flooring will overpower everything else and make the room seem out of balance.

3. The Wrong Quality of Flooring

Even though bedrooms don’t get as much wear as other rooms in your home, don’t skimp on quality. The bedroom is a room to call your own, a peaceful haven from the outside world and not one where you want to be continually irritated by the scratchy surface of an old carpet or the sight of cheap laminate flooring which greets you every time you enter the room. You don’t have to buy the very best for your bedroom but it is worth spending a little more money to get something you are happy to live with for many years to come.

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