3 Tips When Buying Window Curtains Online

It is a great idea to buy window curtains online. You will find a good selection of curtains with a click of your mouse and you can save a lot of money too as many low priced curtains are available on web sites. You do have to be careful however or your bargain curtains may not turn out to be such a good deal.

1. Make Sure You Are Buying Quality Curtains

It is difficult to determine quality of fabric from an image on the screen so you need to do a bit of detective work to find out if you are buying quality curtains or those which will look cheap and nasty at your windows. First of all, check the fabric. For normal curtains (as opposed to sheers), if there is a high percentage of natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, the curtains are probably of good quality. If they are 100% synthetic then chances are they will not look as good at your windows as they look in the picture. You can also rely on the quality if the fabric or curtains have a well-known band name, so, if you are unsure, stick with brands.

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2. Buy the Right Size Curtains

Always measure your windows carefully when buying curtains and check them against the measurements of the curtain panels. Remember if the curtains are meant to be gathered you will need panels wide enough to cover one and half times the width of your windows or even double for more fullness. Curtains which are not gathered enough or which are too short for your windows will never look good so make sure you get this right.

3. The Right Color Curtains

Curtain colors can look different on a web site to real life so, if it is important that your curtains are a good match to other items in your room, order from a site which will send fabric samples or which has a good returns policy.  Bedroom curtains will have a different look and feel to them than kitchen curtains.  Don’t get stuck with curtains which are not quite right for your space.

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