Cardboard Decorative Storage Boxes

A disorganized home or office can stand in the way of comfort and productivity. Do you have piles of stuff scattered around, in need of a place to go and a system that organizes it efficiently? File cabinets can provide an excellent home for papers, but bulky items are most effectively stored in boxes. Versatile, decorative storage boxes can solve a lot of your problems, and there are a wide variety of these kinds of boxes available.

Many people want a box that will provide a convenient storage place but remain unnoticed in the corner of a room or in the closet. The best way to accomplish this is to pick a color which blends in with the surroundings of the room. If, for example, there is a black love seat in your living room, most people would be unlikely to pay much attention to a few attractive storage boxes of the same color right next to it. These types of boxes are available in many different colors, bright as well as dark.

Winsome Capri Foldable Fabric Baskets, Set of 4, Black

Set of 4 Foldable black fabric containers. Use the large size as a magazine holder, file holder, art project holder. The next 3 sizes are great for decorative storage and organization: washcloths in the bathroom, note pads at work, personal items in chest of drawers. When not in use, they fold…

Bigso Felicia Set of 2 DVD Box, White

Bigso Box recycled fiberboard storage box in a traditional “shoe box” size. Great for storing your DVD collection. Comes as a set of two boxes in white. Will ship “knocked down” and when assembled, forms a sturdy box for many uses.

Another idea for large decorative storage boxes is to get one that you actually want to stand out. Storage boxes that are brightly colored or textured in attractive ways can add some much-needed color and liveliness to formerly drab surroundings.

Different materials are available to suit your needs. Many people find plastic a great choice for this purpose, because it is such a durable and versatile material. However, some people want to avoid plastic, either because they associate it with cheap things and do not want it to be prominent in their homes, or because plastic is not especially good for the environment. If you would like to avoid plastic, there are other options available. You can get your decorative storage boxes in wicker and cardboard as well, in several different designs. Wicker and cardboard boxes are more environmentally-conscious choices, as they are often constructed of recycled materials.

You can also opt for a more manufactured product, too.  While not as environmentally sensitive as those previously mentioned, Jetmax storage cubes can also provide a way to organize your desk and home office area.  It falls within that cube furniture category of items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as well.  Whatever material you end up choosing, your home will benefit from a great new way to organize.

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