Cheap Laminated Flooring

The main advantage of laminate flooring over hardwood is that it is much cheaper. Cheap laminate flooring can save you thousands of dollars versus paying for hardwood floors to be installed. A common mistake many people make is thinking vinyl flooring is the same as laminate flooring. This is not true, as laminate flooring is cheaper than vinyl flooring, and emulates the look of hardwood much better.

In addition, laminate flooring can emulate just about any type of wood flooring you would like to have, from pine and oak to more exotic woods like bamboo and cork. Cheap flooring is an advantage here, as you can take a weekend and install it yourself and have it look as though you had a professional install it. If you are not comfortable with installing the flooring yourself, you can hire a professional to get it done in the same amount of time.

Another great advantage of cheap laminate flooring is that it is very easy to clean. A vacuum cleaner can take care of the job in a few quick minutes, but carpets should be used in high traffic areas to avoid scuffing and other problems, which result in heavy use areas. In addition, if you’re are fond of wearing stiletto heels, you should avoid doing so on your cheap flooring, as it could puncture the vinyl and cause unsightly damage.

The main enemy to cheap laminate flooring is dust and grit, so using slightly damp cloths to clean it up as soon as it is noticed is recommended. However, if you want to make your own solution, you can mix a small amount of ammonia with vinegar in water, which will trap the dust and make the floors easier to clean. Warm water should always be used, as you do not want your floors expanding and contracting under huge amounts of water.

This is the best way to clean laminate flooring since they are not a ‘real’ hardwood.  A traditional wood floor, while more expensive, may also last longer due to its ability to be sanded and buffed.  If you just have some minor scuffs, you can even rent a floor buffer machine and do the job yourself.  You’ll want to practice in some inconspicuous area first to avoid damaging the center of your room on those great hardwood floors.

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