Cheap Window Blinds for The Frugal Lifestyle

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy the luxury of window blinds. There are many designs that are available even for those who watch over their budgets very carefully. The thing you have to consider with window blinds is that branding and natural materials are what makes them very expensive. Wood for example is a very costly material. The same is true for custom fabric louvers that have elegant patterns. PVC on the other hand costs just a fraction of what wood would cost. You can find many types of cheap window blinds online, some are so incredibly inexpensive that they may even surprise the most frugal person.

At the top of the list of cheap window blinds are vinyl mini blinds. These come in an assortment of colors that you should have no problem finding the colors you want. Some colors however are more costly than others. Usually these other the more exotic colors or the colors that are not heavily stocked. White, black, grey or brown should be relatively easy to find at reasonable prices. Naturally the quality won’t be the same for seven dollars mini blinds compared to $70 blinds. The main difference is longevity, high-quality brands are usually designed to last a lifetime. That is they are backed with an impressive warranty. Cheap window blinds are not designed this way, they are manufactured with cheaper materials.

Appearance wise the difference might not be significant from afar. Certainly brands like Bali will look much better than generic brands up close. But you do get what you paid for and for under $10 there isn’t too much to complain about with wholesale window blinds prices. These kinds of blinds are deemed a great option for people who are renting an apartment temporarily. Or people who want to mini blinds but don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on window treatment. Keep in mind that the same mini blinds might go for five dollars in one online store and $15 at another. So remain true to your frugal nature and shop around carefully.  Probably, the most inexpensive type are the vertical blinds that you see in many apartments.

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