Checklist for Buying Kitchen Worktops

Who doesn’t want an attractive kitchen considering it’s the most important space in your house? Therefore, buying kitchen worktops should be on top of your list as it’s always going to be an intelligent decision. Bringing some change in your countertop would turn out to be both affordable and rejuvenating. However, for a satisfying result you need to approach it with little caution.

First of all, find some time to do research on the subject.  It will definitely come in handy when you finally get down to your purchase time. You shouldn’t compromise on the practicality, no matter what. Usefulness of the product has more importance than look and price. The kind of appliances or accessories you may use and the way you cook; these two factors must get the top priorities when you think of your work surface. A kitchen can have many accessories or components such as the sink, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, stove, island features, wooden spice racks and more. You are the designer and you should have a final word on their inclusion.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s an easy job for most types of kitchen worktops available on the market. The easiness of the cleaning might vary from one type of material to the other. The fact remains that solid surfaces are much easier to clean than other types of surfaces. At the same time, laminated surfaces keep your kitchen worktops resistant to stains. However, it may not last as long as, chances are, it will become scratched, scorched or damaged with normal use – at least on the surface. Granite and wooden surfaces have much less resistance to common stains like tea, coffee and red wine because they are more porous.

If you are on a strict budget, low cost laminated models would be the right choice for you. In spite of being lower in cost, laminated counters are still available in many colors and patterned finishes.  You can include solid surface styles as well in the cost-effective group.  They are generally resistant to heat and water. We should remember the fact that solid surface styles are durable as well.

It’s time for us to check out the granite worktops, which are not only costly but also very aesthetically pleasing, made from nearly indestructible material. The newer granites coming to the market have such a wide variety of natural veining, hues and other unique features that really look amazing.  There are drawbacks of granite, too – it’s more easily stainable and needs maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best.

We have already mentioned that laminated surfaces are the most cost-effective models we have today. The extreme popularity of solid surface models is attributed to its non-porous, smooth and durable disposition as well.  There is another material that is very much like granite; quartz.  It, too, won’t scratch and is highly resistant to heat and stains. Quartz is another natural stone materials and has some other features that make it attractive.

We cannot omit the mention of wooden worktop surfaces, which are prone to scratching, blackening and staining, but they are easier to refinish and repair.  We have seen all the practical considerations required to buy a kitchen worktop.  We have discussed about the various factors you may need to consider to buy a cost-effective yet practical style.  Now, all you need to do is decide which one is right for you.

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