Choices for Your Walk In Shower Enclosure

There are few other things that will add as much comfort and convenience to a home as the addition of a walk in shower enclosure. It is such a pleasure to take a nice long relaxing shower first thing in the morning or the last thing before bed.  You may even want to do both with some of these shower designs!  Some busy executives enjoy having a place to shower at their offices. Having one to use during some of their incredibly long days is a delightful perk.

There are two choices for the installation of walk in shower enclosures. Those who are very confident in their own plumbing and handyman skills can do the shower installation themselves. For most of us, however, it is best to call in professionals and have the work done by them.

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When you are ready to consider the installation of a new, upgraded shower stall, you must choose between several types.  The most popular variety with homeowners is the all tile design. It is made from scratch by a tile installer after the plumber has prepared the area for proper drainage. There are an infinite number of colors, patterns, tile sizes and designs from which to choose. Both the walls and the floor are usually tiled as there are often multiple shower heads that may cause water to splash in more directions than usual.

Another choice is a shower in which the walls are tiled, but the floor is a one-piece, prefabricated tile pan. Do-it-yourselfers often prefer this type, because the floor is the most difficult part to construct and assure that the water drains correctly.

There are single-piece prefab units available, but they are usually too large to bring into the bathroom through the house. They are more often planed to be brought in through a window opening that was removed for a more complete renovation. They are more expensive, but the number of seams are reduced or sometimes eliminated completely. Multi-piece prefab shower enclosures are easy to install, and they are less expensive than some of the others, but more seams can mean more chances for potential leaks.

Corner, multi-piece, prefab walk in showers are also available and have been for some time. They have two walls made of glass, which allows for maximum light. This type is relatively inexpensive but recently many models have a low lip or step to accommodate individuals with mobility issues.

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