Choosing Tile For Our Bathroom Renovation: The Travertine Tile Way

My wife and I have been looking at renovating our bathroom for some time now.  Well, actually, she has been planning to do it and I have been dragging my feet but you know how that goes.  Anyway, we did quite a bit of looking at different options for the tile work we wanted and quickly decided that fired tiles were really not the look we were going for.  They just really seemed cheap because so many people use them for every application.  They might be OK as an accent but we wanted something different.

We both are in love with the Tuscan valley so we did some research and found that travertine tiles work is very popular in Italy.  In fact, most of ancient Rome was actually constructed of travertine because one of the largest quarries in the world was located just 60 miles from the center of the city.  When most people think of Rome they picture marble as the building material but in reality travertine was the stone that built the city.

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We decided a travertine bathroom would give us the feel we wanted so the next step was to decide in which locations we would apply the tile.  A no-brainer was the shower.  We noticed that many higher end homes had shower designs that utilized these tiles in a way that we really liked.  This bathroom didn’t have a tub so we used filled travertine on the floor and walls of the enclosure.  We used filled because there are natural porous pockets in travertine and they need to be sealed or water can actually seep through to the wall and floor beyond.  The travertine was a very light color and since there is a window at the top of the back wall we had a nice, airy feel.

The floor was also done in travertine tiles but not the walls.  We thought about doing the entire bathroom but it would have been overkill because of the size.  The floor, counter top, and shower gave us a very nice old world Roman bath feel without being overwhelming.

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