Choosing the Right Wall Decor for your Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where people cook, eat and socialize. Therefore, it needs to be welcoming, clean, and organized. As you have a lot of cooking tools and equipment in the kitchen, you can utilize them when decorating the walls. Here are a few tips on decorating the walls and organizing your kitchen at the same time.

This bit of wall decor is blessings for the home.

When choosing a color to paint your walls, consider if it will blend well with the rest of the kitchen decor and if it will give it your desired overall look. Painting the walls white will give it timeless and elegant appeal. If your cabinets are made of wood, for example, go with light cool colors. Light-colored walls also help make lighting more effective. Trendy or bold colors will bring life to a kitchen with white, black, brown, and metal fixtures. Black is rumored to be an appetite-suppressing color, so if you are trying to lose weight, that might be a consideration.

Instead of storing pots and pans in cabinets, mount a metal or wooden pan rack on the wall or above the stove and hang them there, perhaps together with cooking utensils and chopping boards.

One way of making the sink or countertop look more stylish is by installing a tile backsplash on the wall. Kitchen tiles come in all kinds of designs – with fruits or vegetables, in bold or subtle colors, with letters and numbers, etc. – made from a huge variety of materials.

Having a few framed pictures also adds a nice personal touch. A family portrait or a picture of a family gathering with all of you around the table (or picnic blanket) will not only serve as a decorative piece, but is also a reminder of how good times spent together.

If you want to create your own artwork, try taking some creative photos. Pictures of small items, such as a tiny silver heirloom spoon, or some blueberries for example, make great wall decor blown up huge and framed, or printed and stretched on canvas.

Plates are a classic choice for decorating kitchen walls. Use inherited ones or finds from yard sales and flea markets and group them together creatively. Standard round ones are nice, but to put a different spin on this, try finding plates in shapes, like fishes for example. They would look great assembled on the wall like a school swimming on your wall.  There are any number of great wall art ideas.

Wall lettering is also a nice idea. You can decorate with wall quotes like “Bon appetit” or choose any quotation that you like. There are various designs to choose from and these are self-adhesive and easy to apply (and remove).

When decorating your kitchen, there are endless ideas that you can come up with. But remember that most of the time, there is elegance in simplicity. Having few nice decorative pieces can sometimes look better than a kitchen full of stuff. It is also important to balance form and function. As with any decoration activity, keep it stylish yet practical.

Photo – Lori Ann

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