Choosing Wicker Bathroom Furniture

There are a few different styles and materials you can choose from when looking for wicker bathroom furniture.  You may be considering getting a wicker hamper or maybe a wicker shelf unit to use in your bathroom.  There are also several styles of bath cabinets in wicker that make nice accessory pieces.  Some of the wicker cabinets come with a glass top shelf available for use instead of the traditional wood piece. You will also find you have your choice of choosing natural or rattan products or those made from a synthetic material.

Most natural wood products are generally treated with a special coating to prevent them from warping in a moist area such as a bathroom. They will also resist mold and mildew to a degree when treated with the proper chemicals.  In comparison, synthetic materials have no problem being in an area where moisture accumulates. They will not become damaged or collect mold or mildew from being in the bathroom setting. They are also much easier to keep clean since you can either wipe them down with a damp cloth or use a standard spray solution on them.

The units made from a natural wood product also have a tendency to break apart. The cane wicker weave can begin to fray in areas over time and make the piece look unattractive. The sharp protruding edges of the wood can also scratch a person’s skin if they happen to brush up against it. The benefit of using the natural wicker is its ability to breath. Most types of natural wood items will not hold in odors like a synthetic model would. This is why a natural product is most commonly used for a clothing hamper. The ability of the hamper to allow air circulation helps keep down odors that can be offensive in a hamper.  It is a similar reason why wicker baskets are useful for many purposes like this.

The natural products have more visual appeal over the synthetic ones. The variations of light and dark found naturally in wood items makes the pieces more attractive to use as furniture. While it is possible to find the man made material in a wood grain look, it does not quite fit the same pattern as the natural variations. The price of the synthetic items is generally cheaper than what it is for the natural products. If the bathroom you intend to place your items is a high traffic area that could use a durable item, then the synthetic design is going to be the better choice.

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