Christmas Decorations Lift the Spirit of Your Home

This is that magical time of year when the weather turns colder, the people get warmer and fuzzier and the holiday cheer is in the air.  Too bad we can’t always feel this way.  Well, you can, if your home has Christmas decorations up. It is certainly understandable to only have these up for about one month or so.  Most people can’t wait to get them up the day after Thanksgiving – that Black Friday.  It is actually a tradition in our home.  After the shopping frenzy and mid-afternoon nap, we use the rest of our energy to listen to those great Christmas songs, drink hot cocoa and decorate the house.

With more and more people tightening their belt this season, it may be a time to rejuvenate your craft skills from when you were a child.  Remember when you could sit down and make your own handmade Christmas ornaments to give to family?  Those were probably the best gifts they received, too!

Well, you can certainly do that again this year if you choose.  With a little creativity, some help from the Martha Stewarts of the world and off you go.  Pretend you’re locked up in Santa’s workshop, whittling away at some object for a good little girl or boy.  It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, like something you plan on selling on the home shopping network or anything.  Find that simpler time again.

And don’t worry if you are not into Christmas decorations that are about Christmas, per se.  You could just as easily enjoy shopping for, making and hanging ornaments and decorations that reflect the great holiday season that it is.  There is so much energy of gratefulness and renewal during this period.  The way you adorn your home with these heart-warming decorations is simply a reflection of the way that the holiday spirit is getting into you.  For others, the true ‘reason for the season’ is reflected in a nativity collection or set that can be displayed in any number of ways.  However you may celebrate, from our home to yours, may you be blessed with a warm and cheerful holiday season and bright new year!

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