Clay Plaster Wall Treatments

When you are considering how to finish your walls, paint is often the most obvious choice.  Let’s fact it, paint is fast, cheap and easy to work with for any level of do-it-yourself homeowner.  The harder decision regarding paint is picking the right wall color and getting the right look for your space.  Depending upon the room, whether you are looking at changing the feeling of a bedroom space or something more fresh for your living room, the overall feeling you want to achieve is what it is all about.  These are the kinds of decisions we hope to help you with here at Home Bedroom Decor.

This article is about how to finish your walls to give you a very unique and pleasing look.  You can certainly achieve some interesting looks with just the various paint colors and application techniques.  There was a time when these wall treatments were all the rage in interior home design.  You probably heard terms like ‘rag it on’ and ‘sponge it off’ and other applications like these.  There were even home designer gurus on TV giving advice on how to use stamping techniques and using other elements to create more texture on your walls.

Well, this texture trend is still hot and is actually making even more of a comeback.  You can get wallpapers that have texture and create a very nice look, but as you know, once it is up, you are sort of stuck with it unless you want to go through the work of tearing it all down.  This is why painting is usually the safer way to go.  Unless you absolutely know what paper you are in love with, go with paint first and see how you like it.  You can always go back and add the wallpaper later.  There is one problem, though, with many of the paints.  That is, these paints often contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs that have been implicated in various health scares.  Because of this and other environmental concerns, low VOC paints have made a bigger impact in this area.  These ‘safe paints’ are just as easy to apply and don’t leave that harsh paint smell that we have all smelled at one time or another.

Now, over the past decade or so, there was another type of wall treatment that began getting very popular.  This technique involved wall plaster and requires a bit more skill and mastery. It is called Venetian plaster and it is a very time-intensive project.  In short, this plaster technique utilizes age old ways of applying a material containing tiny amounts of trace minerals and such to create a gorgeous finished wall.  It is applied using a trowel, this is what makes it a bit trickier to learn and apply.  In addition to this, it requires a bit of muscle to really get the nice smooth finish that it is known and prized for.

There is a similar technique used to apply another great wall treatment and that is clay.  This clay is also applied using a trowel and is dyed prior to applying it to the walls.  In this way, there need not be any harsh chemicals or agents used to aid in a drying process.  The clay itself is an all natural product as well, lending itself to being a very green product.  It is a bit more work than painting, but once it is done, you get the benefit of the clay’s inherent properties of creating a sound-deadening environment as well as the natural coloring.  So, if you get a little ding here or chip there, it doesn’t show through on the wall like darker paint does on a typical drywall wall.  So, if you are up for some experimentation with this great new addition to the wall plaster world, go for clay over paint and reap the rewards.

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