The Right Way to Clean Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

As a brand new homeowner, you no doubt feel very intimidated by the sheer number of tasks that come with keeping your home in an orderly and beautiful state. And for many, there’s no task that’s less arduous or time-consuming than cleaning unfinished hardwood flooring. Thankfully, you can steer clear of common rookie mistakes by considering the tips below.

Test before using. Because your home’s wood plank flooring has no finish, there’s no extra layer of protection for you to rely on. Just one wrong choice can quickly and even permanently damage your floors. To avoid such an occurrence, always test any new cleaning product you’re about to use. Apply a small amount to your floor, preferably somewhere that’s well away from public sight such as floor boards where your furniture sits.

Study how your floors react to the product. After wiping your floors clean, leave your floors for a minute or two then come back. Have stains appeared? If so, you’ve the wrong cleaning product in your hands.

Don’t be lazy. Certain types of flooring, such as vinyl tiles, don’t require regular and intensive cleaning. But when it comes to unfinished wood like oak flooring, you need to be the most responsible housekeeper possible for two reasons.

Firstly, you are dealing with natural wood plank flooring, which makes it more expensive and valuable than other types of laminate flooring. It is virtually an investment rather than a mere enhancement or accessory for your home. Secondly, your home’s flooring has no finish. Even the plainest of all finishes are still capable of providing protection for your floor. Finished flooring has the potential to escape unscathed when acid is spilled on its surface. But if it’s unfinished? Not a chance!

Thus, you have to clean not just regularly but thoroughly as well. And most importantly of all, you have to be vigilant with your home’s unfinished hardwood flooring. If someone does spill or drop anything on the floor, clean up immediately!

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