Closet Doors: For Bedrooms and Wardrobe Designs

Closet doors can do a lot for a bedroom. They can help define the overall style of the room, but the options also need to make your items accessible and they need to be functional. Heavy wood doors can add character, but they can be hard to open. When choosing closet doors for bedrooms, you will need to review all of the options available in order to choose what is best for your needs. Think about the functionality as well as the style.  Also, you’ll need to look at the space limitations you face.  Decorating small spaces can be a tricky endeavor and you don’t want to make it feel smaller with big, bold doors where other solutions might work.

The Deluxe closet system brings you closet organization that is built for durability and visual appeal. This closet system features closet shelves made from beautiful 100% wood. Available in maple and mahogany finishes, the closet organization system is elegant and refined while providing you with durable closet organization. All shelves measure 16″ deep and the system includes multiple components to organize your bedroom closet.HANGERS NOT INCLUDED. #106577 & #106578 Closet Shelf System: Three 16″ x 24″ shelves One 16″ x 48″ shelf Two 16″ x 72″ shelves 72″ Vertical Tower Six Angle Brackets Three Metal Wardrobe Bars Six Metal J-Hooks #107677 & #107678 Additional Shelves Kit includes two additional adjustable shelves for use with tower portion of the Closet Shelf System. Eight shelf pins included. #107679 & #107680 Door Kit Door kit includes two doors to be used on the tower portion of the Closet Shelf System. The doors have glass doors and decorative beveled edging. Four hinges and all fasteners included. #107681 & #107682 6″H Drawer Kit 6″H Drawer kit includes one short drawer to be used on the tower. All hardware and fasteners included. #107683 & #107684 8″H Drawer Kit 8″H Drawer kit includes one short drawer to be used on the tower. All hardware and fasteners included. #137141 & #137142 10″H Drawer Kit 10″H Drawer kit includes one drawer to be used on the tower. All hardware and fasteners included. #137145 &”
Here is a fine example of a dual door with frosted glass.  Simple, modern and classy.
Economical PVC panel door with flexible vinyl hinges. Pre-assembled and pre-finished. Great for creating extra space and dressing-up rooms. Includes a magnetic catch. Available in 32″ x 80″ only.
This set of closet doors is in an espresso finish with lattice design.

Bi-fold models have hinges on the inside and generally use a small knob in order to be opened. There will be a sliding track on the top portion of the door to allow the door to open and fold at the same time. If you need bedroom closet doors to fit into a small space, these can be nice. You can access the full length of the closet when they are fully folded.

Sliding doors have tracks and one door will run behind the other. You can access one side of the closet at a time. These models do not allow as much accessibility, but they generally cost less and are a very popular style.  These are similar to what you might find on some styles of sliding wardrobe doors.

Pocket doors look similar to sliding models but instead of sliding one door behind the other, you slide a pocket model into the wall. This means that you will have access to the entire closet at once. However, you will have to cut a portion of the wall away to install them, making the installation process much more complicated. This option generally cost a big more than others did as well.

Many closets have simple doors with standard knobs. If you have a large space, these doors work best because you can open the door all the way and access whatever you need from it. In some small bedroom designs, you can use a regular door or opt for none at all.  In fact, with many walk in wardrobe designs, this is exactly the open concept. For a larger space, French door models that latch in the middle can be an attractive option.

If you want to add color or extra design to your room, you can skip a door completely and use fabric to cover your opening. The styles of curtains and fabric are virtually endless and you can easily install them on the top of your door frame. You can also use tiebacks around the frame so you can pull the curtains back when you want to look inside the closet.

There are also big name designers in the home and fashion world who design closet doors for bedrooms.  These will cost you much more than a pre-hung style or kit from your local home improvement warehouse, but what you’re paying for is the design element.  Leather upholstered and fabric wrapped doors are among some of these more modern and contemporary looks.

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