Closet Ideas: Don’t Just Think About It – Do Something!

Go Ahead – Dive In!

You may have a slew of great closet ideas when it comes to reorganizing your closet; however, if you don’t implement them, you may as well shelve them away along with the clutter gathering dust in your closet. Maybe the easiest way to get the organizational process rolling is to just take everything out of your closet. Once you have sweaters and hangers holding shirts, skirts and pants piled upon your bed, there’s simply no turning back. You have to do something!

You're actually looking at a master closet design. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

Make a Clean Sweep

If you want to see any of your closet organization ideas take hold, then you’ll just have to start separating what you use every day from those clothing items or accessories that you barely use or even remember having worn. Therefore, if you haven’t worn the item or accessory in over a year, toss it or give it to charity.

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If you have a number of out-of-season items that are just taking up space among the clothes you regularly wear, then separate them from the other clothes and accessories and store them away in a box under the bed until you can use them again. For you to see any closet design ideas begin to take shape, all you can do is jump in and start making a clean sweep of everything you don’t really need.

Installing Closet Rods

Once you’ve rid yourself of the ancillary items, you can now concentrate on your objective. Group all the like clothes together. For example, hang skirts with skirts, pants with pants and shirts with shirts. Be unflinching in your determination to organize your clothing and accessories. Install closet rods at the proper height. For the best use of space, especially if you have a small closet or a large closet and an inordinate amount of clothes, you may want to include two rods. Install a main rod and one beneath it. Set the lower rod about three feet from the floor and use it to hang clothing such as slacks and shirts.  Yet another option is to use something like the Huggable Hanger style of hangers that allow you to hang more items in the same amount of space using a type of collapsible or accordion style hanger.

Make Tangible Use of your Closets Ideas – Shop Online

The Internet offers a number of products and furnishings that you can use to organize your closet. Therefore, you’re sure to find several items that can assist you in making any small closet ideas or large closet storage systems into a reality.


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