Closet Organization: Organizing the Standard Wall Closet

Reorganizing a Small Space

If you believe your closet needs a little rehabilitation when it comes to the arrangement of your apparel but you have a small closet, then you are indeed facing quite a challenge. Nevertheless, your closet organization efforts won’t be in vain with a little know-how and a little planning.

Use Add-on Hangers

First off, you’ll want to increase the number of garments the closet can hold. Therefore, use attachable or add-on hangers on the rods in your closet organizer planning so you can easily store more garments.  Another idea is to look into the Huggable Hanger style of organizing.  This is one of those systems that utilizes a folding or ‘accordion’ style of hanger design.  You can actually fit the same amount or more of clothing in a small space with these types.

Take Time to Contemplate

Think about the type of closet organizers you can install. An organizer should include pant racks, shoe racks or shelves, and a belt rack. Also, plan to install hardware, such as hooks as well as hanging bins or shelves. When it comes to closet organizing, you’ll need to think about where specifically you want to place your clothes and accessory items.

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Coordination is Key

Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to storing clothes. We’re all different in this regard as we all come in different proportions and sizes. Therefore, consider what clothing you want to assign to hangers, what items to hang from hooks and what items you want to see on shelves or placed in baskets. When working with a smaller space, everything counts. Consequently, each item should be allotted shelf space, rod space and floor space to maintain a sense of balance.

Keep Everything in Sync

If you want to know how to organize a closet using a minimum of space, then a standard wall closet is certainly a good place to start. It’s just one of those types of closets that teach you how to maximize your existing storage. Using the inside door can be a challenge as well. Use it for such items as belt racks, scarves or jewelry organization. Don’t install any kind of bulky storage rack or laundry bag, which can get in the way or collide with the other apparel in the closet when the door is closed. The best way to organize a small closet, so to speak, is to avoid any type of conflict.  This is equally true when organizing a kids closet.

While you may not be completely versed on the various types of products available to help you organize, there are some big names that have entered the scene.  With these types of Rubbermaid closet storage products, like bins and containers, you can fit most anything inside.  This way, you can still see what is inside, but is also protected from dust and insects.

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