Closet Organization Tips for a Child’s Room

Children’s interests are always changing, requiring a closet that can change with them.  As they grow, wardrobes expand and more articles need to be put in storage.  Tailored Living closet organization experts recognize this and have the solution you need for your child’s closet.

Frequently used items should be at eye level or below, because children can only reach so high.  Instead of reconstructing the closet space every time your child has a growth spurt, consider using adjustable height closet rods and shelves.  Tailored Living’s designs accommodate a child’s needs while being aware of what the same child will need in the future.

closet organization_childrensThrough using adjustable rods and shelves, items can be moved higher as a child gets taller.  If a child shares a room with a sibling, rods can be adjusted to accommodate a small child as well as an older child both in the same space.  Children need a system that can change with them as they grow.


For more efficient closet organization, you might choose wire shelving to be available to store items that aren’t used very often.  In order to utilize all the space in a child’s closet, the areas out of the child’s reach should be designated for items that are not used very often if at all.  This could mean clothes that he has not grown into yet or has already outgrown.  The same goes for a child’s favorite toys.  They should be readily available for the child to reach, while toys that aren’t used as often can be put in the extra space that may be out of a child’s grasp or difficult to get.

Keeping a closet organized all depends on whether a child can continue with the routine.  A closet organization system should be easy to use so a child knows exactly where to put his things and won’t have any difficulty maintaining a routine.  Organize similar items near each other so they know where to find them and where to put them away after use.  It will also help if bins and baskets are labeled for toy storage.  Don’t be afraid to put a little color in the closet even though it’s mainly a storage space.  Tailored Living offers basket wraps that can be personalized to the child’s favorite color.  Keeping the space fun yet functional is the key to success.

These tips will help a child develop good habits in returning their belongings to the right place and keeping their space tidy.  In order to achieve ideal closet organization, consider features that can grow with the child.

For more information on closet organization, check out today for a professionally designed closet that fits your child perfectly.


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