Using Color Studies for Choosing Wall Colors

Color selection has a lot to do with how your home is perceived and how you and your family feel inside your home. Take a look at these brief color studies to help you get started on your own interior painting project.

Color studies have shown how wall color can transform an ordinary space into a beautiful work of art that you will be proud to show to anyone and everyone. Use of wall color can create different settings and moods in your home as you venture from room to room. Wall color will also give your home a uniquely customized look and feel.

white walled room

White can allow for a more dramatic bedroom or living space.

When you think of coloring your walls, white probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but if used correctly, color studies show that shades of white can effectively create the illusion of more space. Warm whites also serve to enlarge the look of any room and can be perfect if you have many colorful furnishings to adorn the room with because the warm white walls will reduce the ‘clutter’ effect of your furnishings.


The ceiling is just as important as any four walls in a room, you can create a unique atmosphere depending on how you choose to paint your ceiling. Warmer, brighter, and lighter colors help to give any room a ‘lofty’ feeling to it and make spaces seem larger.

Deeper, darker, and bolder colors portray a room with a ‘lower’ ceiling and give it a comfortable and cozy feeling. If you decide to paint your ceiling a bright and vibrant color to match your furnishings you will have a room matching your unique style.

If Easter is your preferred holiday because you get to wear your favorite pastel colored clothing, maybe you should research colors that deal with the soft beauty of pastel colored paints. Soft colors create moods of serenity and feelings of peace and tranquility; colors like soft blues, lavender, and warm yellows also generate a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

Using powerful dark colors makes a bold design statement about your home. These colors are ideal for transforming large spacious rooms into a snug and comfy atmosphere. Painting an accent wall in darker shades helps to place emphasis on certain features of that room while adding a sense of depth.

Before you decide on a color scheme for your home, take into account what type of overall style you want for your space. Color studies can help you create the mood, look, or feeling that you are going for. Doing your homework first will save you time and money later! And remember, if you need any help with your interior painting project; give the professionals at CertaPro Painters a call today!


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