Comforters and Duvets Add Style and Warmth

A bedroom set is simply not complete without well-designed decor including comforters, duvets and pillow shams. A room might have a big bed, a handsome dresser set, wardrobe closet, several nightstands and possibly an armoire or mirror, but without decorative accessories to soften the room, furniture appears sparse or stoic. In addition, almost a third of ones life is spent sleeping if following the eight hours a day rule. The more comfortable the bedding, the better the rest period may be. Studies often show that a bedroom environment is a major factor affecting one’s sleeping habits.

Bedding sets come in a variety of thread counts, a term which refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. From a low of 200 thread count to as high as 1,200 and beyond, there are enough variations to accommodate all budgets. The higher thread counts are usually considered luxury bedding.  Materials include Egyptian and organic cottons, linens, flannel and mixed fibers. Some models are specifically hypoallergenic. Many manufacturers offer a variety of stylish, original prints and intricate patterns, from floral to contemporary. A few distributors even offer hand-painted designs by in-house artists not sold anywhere else.

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Comforters, Duvets

Duvets are soft fluffy quilts made with a variety of fill materials, as you know.  Duck or goose down comforters are the more luxurious choice compared with a more inexpensive synthetic alternative. A washable yet decorative cover, similar to a pillowcase, protects the duvet from damage such as stains and pet hair. In contrast, comforters are not sold with a separate protective case but may use duvet covers if desired. However, filler materials for both items are similar. The cost for either product is entirely dependent on the filler, with artificial feathers less expensive than real down. Higher fill ratings indicates higher insulating qualities of the down.

Products feature timeless color patterns or trendy and seasonal designs. Popular character logos are available for childrens’ rooms. Two-tone reversible comforters can be flipped to change colors as the mood dictates. Both comforters and duvets come in standard sizes, with some distributors offering custom-made sizes on demand. When well-maintained, either product can be useful for years after its initial purchase.

Pillow Shams

Pillow shams are an additional way to brighten up a bedroom, through smart use of color and soft fabrics. Shams are often available as part of a coordinating comforter set, but are also sold separately. Entirely decorative, shams are generally not used for sleeping purposes.

Other items to consider, besides comforters, duvets and shams, include window treatments, functional yet aesthetic lamps and appropriate wall art. When all put together, a stylish and comfortable bedroom is a welcome retreat from the day’s stresses.

More information about blankets can be retrieved at the author’s website: Comforters Guide.

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